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Talking about Scala @ the Junction

by on Jan.25, 2013, under Uncategorized

I’d like to thank the Junction for inviting me to give a talk about Scala.
Congratulations for moving to the new place. It’s exciting to see the place and the community evolve.

The Junction is an open house for entrepreneurs, uniquely creating a “pay-it-forward” acceleration model. Active entrepreneur teams (regardless of their idea) who are working full-time on their idea and are willing to help out other entrepreneurs are welcome to join, be a part of, and work at The Junction. Each member gets their own desk space, internet & as much coffee as you can drink for a period of 3 months (what we call a wave).

The Junction was founded by Genesis Partners, a leading Israeli early stage venture capital firm, as part of our partnership and collaboration with the entrepreneur community and as part of our efforts to encourage and be a part of Israeli innovation.

About the talk

Single-core performance has hit a ceiling, and building web-scale multi-core applications using imperative programming models is extremely difficult. Parallel programming creates a new set of challenges, best practices and design patterns. Scala is designed to enable building scalable systems,  elegantly blending functional and object oriented paradigms into an expressive and concise language, while retaining interoperability with Java. Scala is the fastest growing JVM programming language, being rapidly adopted by leading companies such as Twitter, LinkedIn andFourSquare.

This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the language, which managed to increase type safety while feeling more dynamic, being more concise and improving readability at the same time. We will see how Scala simplifies real life problems by empowering the developer with powerful functional programming primitives, without giving up on the object oriented paradigm. The overview includes tools for multi-core programming in Scala, the type system, collection framework and domain-specific languages.We’ll explore the power of compile-time meta-programming, which is made possible by the newly released Scala 2.10, and get a glimpse into what to expect from 2.11 in 2014.
We will also see how Scala helps overcome the inherent limitations of Java, such as type erasure, array covariance and boxing overhead.

Multiple examples emphasize how Scala pushes the JVM harder than any other mainstream language through the infinite number of boilerplate busters, increased type safety and productivity boosters from a Java developer’s perspective.


The Junction at night


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