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The goal of Singularity World is to inspire its readers to create paradigm shifts with their hands, by writing, coding, demonstrating, collaborating and spreading the knowledge and ideas. Singularity World is open for additional authors.
The code of the projects described here will available as Open Source.

About Singularity

Wikipedia: “A Technological Singularity occurs when technological progress becomes very rapid due to positive feedback, making the future after the Singularity qualitatively different and hard to predict. It has been suggested that one will occur during the 21st century, and there are several mechanisms by which a singularity could occur.
Vernor Vinge proposed that the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence would represent a breakdown in humans’ ability to model their future. In the same way that a worse chess player cannot predict the next move of a better chess player, and less intelligent animals cannot predict the actions of humans, so too humans cannot predict the actions of more intelligent entities. He compared it to the breakdown of physics so that it cannot be used to model the space-time singularity beyond the event horizon of a black hole.”

About Sagie Davidovich

I live in a beautiful northern Israeli town Zichron Yaacov with my wife Kira.

I Work for an exciting Semantic Web company, SemantiNet.
I admire inventors and visionary people, fascinated by the pace of technological advancement and enjoy hypothesizing about what hasn’t been invented yet.
Feel free to contact me by mail: mesagie [at] gmail [dot] com
You can also reach me on LinkedIn, Facebook and skype

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